The Method

‘Method’ is procedure according to principle. These posts trace the search for, and arrival at, these usable principles,

The actual evolution and the convergence of Method is a very long story, the hits and misses and million wrong turns through history. But it can be loosely summarized along the following lines.

The opening event is the clear recognition of the pervasive presence of the Self-Loop and its consequences if left unaddressed. [I suggest reading ‘The Loop’ section prior to this.]

Then to the nature of the Subject-Divide, the primal and primeval binary distinction, the original cleaving. And its root in the claim to an ‘Independent and Separate ‘Self”.

Next, readying for Inquiry and the coming to terms with the newly recognized fundamental presumption of Inquiry.

Next, the codification of the Axioms of Sight, Subject and Object as happened through history and the resulting birth of the Symbol as a graphic marker.

Then, to the trail of ‘The Backward Step’ and its terminus at True-Nothing and the sighting and alighting on ‘The-Not’.

Next, a display through excerpts as to why the Self-Eating Expression is the indispensable investigative tool as documented through history and across all authentic Inquiry.

Aside from the numerous whimsical sprees and irrelevant asides, that’s the basic layout of the Posts.

I’m laying out the Posts from my file-boxes, as-is and largely unedited. There is much that can be added and improved, many posts that can use a sharp edit. I’ll get around to that once the file-boxes are empty.

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