The Very Slippery Meta-Trinity

Thought, Mind and Consciousness: The Meta-Trinity.

‘Meta’, from the Greek, originally meant ‘Beyond’ as in Aristotle’s ‘Metaphysics’. Lately though it is a prefix assigned almost exclusively to reflective, self-referential states. Metadata is ‘Data about data’; Metatext is ‘Text about text’.

[Wouldn’t you know, now there is a new word, sophisticated and mysterious, heard in Academic corridors called ‘Metacognition’. I’ll leave you to figure it out.]

There are two aspects which define the Meta-Trinity.

First, their self-referential nature. And second, their intimate, inviolable relationship to ‘Me’.

Any trek to the Symbol ‘0’ requires extensive time spent in intimate [and not always pleasant] proximity with these three fellows.

So let’s take a few Posts to get to know them.

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