‘Hide And Seek’

If your pulse doesn’t race, you should be seeing a Doctor

Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Fellini’s: ‘La Dolce Vita’

My entire school education on Dharmic Discipline was summarized in the travesty of insight: ‘Desire is the cause of all suffering’.

So how does one: ‘Desire to Not-Desire’?

‘Desire is the cause of all suffering’ is a literal take on the Buddhist ‘Second Noble Truth’, if you are curious as to where this beam of light came from.

‘Detachment’ is the single most emphasized injunction in the Dharma. So how do you intend to detach if you are attached to ‘Detachment’?

How do you ‘Remember To Forget’?

How do you play ‘Hide And Seek’ with yourself?

What denatured Elysium do these pilgrims seek sans wine, women and earthly-folly?

The correct formulation should be: ‘Detachment from all things-including ‘Detachment’, a full-fledged Self-Eating Expression.

But what happens if you attach? Especially to something called ‘Thinking’? See the next Post.

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