The Subject-Object Divide

The unexamined, inherited, implicit and arbitrary divide of ‘Subject and Object’ [Self and World; God and Man; ‘I’ and ‘Not-I’] is deeply conflicted, demonstrably absurd. At extreme, violent, at war with itself and its world.

Cut once; get two. A pair is the first and minimal unit of division, the elemental DNA, the fundamental building block of every Man-Made Model.

The Subject: Object Divide doesn’t originate in heaven but in the very terrestrial assumption of an ‘Independent and  Separated ‘Self’.

An ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self” [entity, process, elevated abstraction] is procured only at the expense of a long list of fragile assumptions, rarely put under the microscope.

Independent? It is near impossible to find zero correlations in Nature. Yet I magically claim it for myself.

[Outside the language of Journalists and Pop Science- Writers, there is no such thing as partially independent. The correlation is either zero or non-zero.]

The Self-Loop is simply the most general form of the ‘Subject-Object’ divide.

In an earlier piece I had let loose, calling the claim to an ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self” a preposterous presumption, a comic conceit, and a sanctioned vanity.

A preposterous presumption and a comic conceit, indeed. But who is presumptuous? Who stands conceited? Is there an ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self” here to cognize, let alone grandly declare its Independence and Separateness? We are going to find out.

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