Co-Dependence: The Pink Universe

Anything I spot is only spotted in relationship to what it is not. This is the basic idea underlying the much-mauled Principle of Co-Dependence.

There has to be a minimum of two colors showing in order for me to see one color. Place a yellow banana on the dining-table and confirm it for yourself.

If the universe was entirely pink, I will never know it to be so. There has to be a spot of purple, a spot of not-pink somewhere so that I can see the pink.

[This gets more involved when we expand the condition to all sensory, affective and analytical blocks such as the use of Language and ‘Thought’. But the result is unchanged. See the Posts.]

And one more thing.

I need to be able stand apart from this yellow banana, this pink and purple Universe in order to see that indeed this is a yellow banana, to see that indeed the Universe is pink and purple.

I need, in other words, to be an ‘Independent and Separated Observing ‘Self”.

When Professor Heidegger affirms a ‘Something’, he simultaneously affirms his presence as an ‘Independent and Separated Observing ‘Self”.

In other words, Professor Heidegger simultaneously affirms himself.

What Is ‘Self’? and subsequent Posts

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