The First Order Of Moral Code

Self-Denial is the first order of Moral Code. All Virtue aligns with it. All Vanity scoffs at it.

Religions offer their denouement at the limit of self-denial, in the perfection of self-mortification. They vary only in the details.

‘Civilization is self-restraint’ declared Rajagopalachari, once a distant neighbor, a man of scholarship and of God. The same was a favored maxim of Sigmund Freud, an acute observer of the Human Condition; and an Atheist.

The English word ‘Virtue’ and ‘Virile’ actually have a common root [Latin: Virtut, Virilis; tell that to your Padre] and in turn link to the Sanskrit Vir. Where you see a deficit of Manliness you invariably see a surplus of Cunning. Give me a manly culture any-day.

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