Tar-Baby: ‘Dying To Myself’

Let’s leave out the sages and scholars, put them aside for a minute. For you and me this ‘Dying to Myself’ can be a very tricky business.

Here’s my old File-Box Post:

A fatal loop awaits the pilgrim who seriously wants to end it all.

Drawing by E.W. Kemble from: 'The Tar-Baby', by Joel Chandler Harris, 1904

Trying to negate myself is like taking on Uncle Remus’ ‘Tar-Baby’. The harder I try to negate myself the firmer I reinforce myself as Me.

Any attempt to nullify the ‘I’ using the ‘I’, befuddles, stupefies and ultimately immobilizes the ‘I’.

A state taken by the devout as further confirmation of divine oversight.

I am happy to die as long as I can be alive to watch myself doing it.

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