Park Avenue

You can’t study the so-called ‘Unconscious’ while firmly residing in the Conscious. The very division is one made in a conscious state.

But if you can convincingly hold-forth on the conscious ‘Unconscious’ in addition to the merits of mentating about Mind, your talent should not go unnoticed.

The most convincing Couch Therapists all live on Park Avenue.

‘Consciousness’ as terminus is a very popular offering among contemporary Gurus in India. It is understandable, intuitively suggestive and can be endlessly mystified. You can get stuck in some imagined and conceptualized ‘Consciousness’ for a very long time before you wake up to it.

I Listened in recently on a major convention of international scientists on ‘Consciousness and Science’ presided over by the Dalai Lama. The eminent scientists have assured the viewers that they are close to cracking the code. The word Self-Reference never occurred once.

You know, there is actually a book titled ‘Consciousness Explained’ by a chaired professor of a famous university. I can’t wait to buy it and get myself a little education. Once it’s out on paperback, I’ll let you know.

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