The Plotinus ‘One’

Perhaps no other Mystic found followers from all three Abrahamic faiths as did Plotinus [203-270 CE].

His Neo-Platonic ‘One’ [itself sourced in Plato’s Parmenides] held Europe for a millennia deeply influencing everyone from St. Thomas Aquinas to Eckhart and Merton.

Reality, wrote Plotinus is: ‘A Nameless Unity, indescribable, undefinable.. never known measure, stands outside under no limit of any Everything and Nothing..’. [Enneads, itself linking to Greek and Sanskrit text.]

Plotinus famously joined Gordian’s march on Persia to get to India, failed, and returned to Antioch. It would have been worthwhile. In 3rd Century Bharath, the quality of Inquiry was still high.

‘God is a Namelessness’, wrote Meister Eckhart [1260-1328 CE], the pioneering Christian Mystic who taught Aristotle at the Sorbonne.

‘The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one’.

Eckhart was promptly arraigned by the Vatican. Like I said, the Orthodoxy of the Abrahamic Faiths didn’t care much to party with its Mystics.

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