Gnana Marga: The Path Of Knowledge

Photograph from the 1800’s; South India. The failproof method used by Brahmin students to stay awake

What is so special about the word ‘Know’? A word for which, after 5000 years of Language, intriguingly overlapping with the birth of the Kali-Yuga, we still do not have a proper definition.

The  word ‘Know’ traces its roots directly back to the Latin Gnosis, which in turn traces back to the Sanskrit Gnana.

Why are the Religious Classes of every Culture, those granted closest access to the Deity, the Brahmins and the Pastors, the Rabbis and the Imams, always from the ‘Learned Class’?

This inner circle to the sanctum [did I forget the Professors?] whose proudest possession is the claim to ‘Know’?

Gnana Marga: The ‘Path of Knowledge’. All other Paths [the Yogic, Devotional, Service, et al] get you in the periphery, but the seal of conviction is impossible unless one goes through and past this word ‘Know’.

So what is it about this word ‘Know’?

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