The Subject-Object Divide

The unexamined, inherited, implicit and arbitrary divide of ‘Subject and Object’ [Self and World; God and Man; ‘I’ and ‘Not-I’] is deeply conflicted, demonstrably absurd. At extreme, violent, at war with itself and its world.

Cut once; get two. A pair is the first and minimal unit of division, the elemental DNA, the fundamental building block of every Man-Made Model.

The Subject: Object Divide doesn’t originate in heaven but in the very terrestrial assumption of an ‘Independent and  Separated ‘Self’.

A preposterous presumption, a comic conceit, and a sanctioned vanity.

Indeed. But who is presumptuous? Who stands conceited? For there is no ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self” here to grandly declare its Independence and Separateness.

You are firmly on Big Y’s ‘Backward Step’. And that trek ends only at True-Nothing.

Read on to the Post on the Circle of Self-Deception.

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