Chasing Brahman

OK. Now for the tricky part. If you miss this Loop, you miss Brahman.

What is Brahman? I don’t know. In fact I can never know what Brahman is. And why not? Because I am part of this ‘All’, whatever this ‘All’ is. Else it wouldn’t be the ‘All’.

The word Brahman is ensconced in layers of self-reference. It will twirl you around like a top if you don’t stay alert.

I can’t locate ‘The All’ while sitting on my rocker because ‘The All’ includes me sitting on my rocker. And it includes me thinking about locating ‘The All’ while sitting on my rocker. And…ad infinitum.

If you don’t see that, you will reduce Brahman to another Man-Made ‘God’. Which is pretty much the state of things today.

Śūnyathā is simply the original insight of Brahman, emptied, taken to its necessary limit, made-clean of its self-referential loops.

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