Vedic Truth: ‘The One who See’s’


Vedic Truth: from Vid; To Know, To See; Proto-Indo European Weid, as in Vide, View, Video.

Hence Schools of Philosophy as Darśanas, from dṛś: ‘To See’.

The Philosopher [Greek Phílosophía: ‘Lover of Wisdom’] is replaced by the Seer. I can debate you to the grave. But I can’t unsee what I see.

One loves Wisdom of course, yet the conviction is unstable until I see.

So it is that all Vedic inquiry begins with Formal Meditation Practice [Dhyāna], the original ‘Laboratory For Inquiry’. Its defining feature and its indispensable platform [C’han and Zen for example are morphed extensions of the word ‘Dhyāna‘].

The book-read modern Vedic Scholar has mastered the acts of diction and argument, carefully avoiding the evident dangers of the original skill of seeing what is in front of his nose.

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