The Nature Of ‘Sign’


What is a Sign?

‘Sign’, from the Latin Signum, is a mark, an indication, a point, a reference.

What’s so special about this sign with the pointing arrow that reads: ‘New York’?

A proper Sign always does a two-step jingle. It both stands for itself and refers to something else. A perfected playground for the Self-Loop.

The sign ‘New York’ is both a sign that says ‘New York’ and a pointer to the State of New York. You read the sign ‘New York’ and follow it’s directions to the State of New York. [Check with a Professor of Semiotics, though.]

Language and Logic are expressed in Signs. The Alphabet and the Number System are structures of made-up of signs.

But the most important, intractable signs are those that bounce around in our head.

Sign, like the Meta-Trinity: Thought, Mind and Consciousness, has this extraordinary ability to multiply and divide, while all the time remaining itself.

Signs double while remaining single. Signs, in other words, are fecund mediums to ‘Give Birth To Oneself’.

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