‘Who Is It That See’s?’

Just abandon the myriad Dharmas, discard reason, let go of loss and gain, good and bad this instant and return to yourself and look penetratingly:

Who is it that Sees?’

The four elements are without self. I am originally without a master. This masterless master is the body, and this selfless self is true nature.

Body and Nature are not two, and the ten thousand Dharmas are one. In this unity there are no sages and no ordinary people. Where can life, death and Nirvana come from?

The merit of existence and non-existence does not apply to this wondrous wisdom. How can words or silence, movement or stillness affect it?’

From an early File-Box. My scribble on the margin tells me it is by the eminent Japanese Rinzai Zen Master Bassui Tokushō [1327-1387 CE].

Further down the Posts we will see near identical language from Shri Ramana Maharishi [1879-1950: ‘What Am I?’]

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