The Axioms Of Sight

Step into your bathroom. Turn on the lights. Wipe mirror with a damp cloth. Look.

Do you see your eye? Of Course you do. But what you don’t see is the source of your vision.

In fact, what you see in the mirror cannot be the source of your vision. In fact, it can be anything but the source of your vision.

Your source of vision may never see itself.

Furthermore, and of equal importance:

Anything you see as the source of your vision, by that very fact, is confirmed as not being the source of your vision.

These are the Axioms of Sight. There are no claims of error in which I can have greater conviction.

The Symbol ‘0’ takes birth in taking this self-negating sequence illustrated in the Axioms of Sight all the way past the notion of ‘Self’ to its natural, necessary and inevitable limit as the terminus of the ‘Backward Step’.

Note that these Axioms of Sight precede and preempt the Axioms of Formal Logic which originate in primary ontological assumptions such as an existent, independent, separated ‘Self’. I’ll get to them in the Philosophy Posts.

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