The Axiom Of Subject

‘Subject’ is the idea closest to me. With ‘Subject’, it’s not just ‘Seeing’ as in the Axiom of Sight. It is much more.

I can’t see the source of my seeing, I can’t hear the source of my hearing, taste the source of my tasting… In general, I can’t have any sensory relationship with my sensory source.

It’s not just sensory relationships. It’s any and all relationships. I cannot have any kind of cognitive relationship with my cognitive source; affective relationship with my affective source.; volitional relationship with my volitional source. And so on.

I can’t have any true relationship with ‘Me’. Any relationship I have can only be with an idea of ‘Me’ in a ‘confounding of Object as Subject’. All markings of Subject are through, and only through, Object.

This is the Axiom of Subject.

The Object confounded as Subject could be direct or inferred, extrapolated or truncated, clear or contorted, explicit and verbalized or implicit and muted.

Look in the basement. Check the attic. There is no more evasive character you will encounter.

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