Absolute Absence

Now, let’s do the hop from from ‘Subject’ to ‘True Nothing’. It’s a very short one.

Śūnya: ‘Absolute Absence’, means it is not in reference to, and in relationship with, any element outside itself.

I cannot have any kind of relationship, sensory, cognitive, affective or volitional with ‘True Nothing’. Any relationship I have can only be with the Concept of Nothing, the idea of Absence, the ‘Confounding of Something as Nothing.’

‘True Nothing’ says: ‘You cannot see me, smell me, love me or hate me, grasp me or recoil from me. You cannot think of me, appraise me, perceive me, comprehend me or remember me, give me features or properties or tendencies, foist names, attributes, aspects. qualities…

In particular, do not confound it with the Concept of Nothing, the Idea of Absence, an altogether-different animal. [As in the arithmetic condition: -1<0<+1; or such extensions as ‘Tending to Zero’ in Calculus.]

There is a later literature that equates ‘Nothing’ [‘Creatio Ex-Nihilo‘, and similar proposals] with variations of a very man-made Creator-God.

What they have in their net is the Idea of Nothing with a host of attributes and properties dangling from it. It is a distant short-stop from ‘True Nothing’. See the later Posts.

One famous modern philosopher referred to Nothingness as a ‘Deep dark, emptiness’. A ‘Deep dark emptiness’ is not Nothingness; it is simply: ‘A Deep dark emptiness’.

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