The Natural Limit Of Binary Inquiry

The Symbol ‘0’ [Śūnya; Śūnyathā] is complete. There is nothing outside it.

The analytic convenience of the ‘Subject-Object Divide’ is one unit. They are mutually supporting modeling artifacts. When one ends goes it takes the other.

[This experiential confirmation was first recorded, to the best of my knowledge, in the Xin Xin Ming verses, 6th Century, China.]

And the Symbol ‘0’ is the natural and necessary limit of Inquiry. [Inquiry’ with a capital ‘I’. I am still inquiring why my spinach never blanches just right.]

To not end the Inquiry in the arisen conviction of the absence of an ‘Independent and Separated ‘Self”, is to have not awoken to the significance of the absence of a ‘Self’ in the first place.

If you are still asking questions like ‘What is Reality’ or ‘Truth’ or ‘God’, you are not yet alighted on the Symbol.

It is also the point at which, freed from your needless presumptions, the best of inquiry with a small ‘i’ begins.

The Pill to cure Cancer remains unfound and Climate Change is upon us. You have your work cut-out for you. [See the ‘Science’ Posts.]

[I’ll get around to fixing my spinach problem sometime this year.]

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