Lao Tzu’s: TAO

Lao-Tzu: I think this is from the Taiwan Museum
Lao-Tzu: Taiwan National Museum?

As noted earlier, ‘That’ [Tát] as an ‘Expression of Inexpressibility’ is a pivotal expression in the Dharmic Tradition.

But there is no serious tradition that does not carry it, or some close variant of it.

Academics have for been arguing about the true meaning of one line of an ancient text for decades. Which one is that?

It is the opening line of the opening verse of Chinese classic, Lao Tzu’s: the Tao Te Ching, the first philosophy of China.

The True Tao is nameless; what is named is not the True Tao. The True Tao cannot be told; what is told is not the True Tao’.

Tao as the ‘Nameless’ is the paradigmatic Self-Eating Expression [‘SEE’]. Its resolution is the same as that of the Symbol ‘0’.

Lao Tzu [circa 5th Century BCE] didn’t prissy around.

First he declares that the true Tao is Nameless. He then adds that nothing may be told about it. All in the opening verse.

He then proceeds to write his poem, the seminal Tao Te Ching, naming and telling all about the Tao. [Sort of like this Site.]

Meanwhile the Academic bickering happily keeps numerous bright minds engaged and employed and there is much to be said for that.

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