Liberation: The Freedom To Be Unfree

Absolute Freedom is absolutely absurd. For to be unfree is part of the prerogative of being free. [‘Divine Reason’: the old-fashioned term. Do you smell the presence of the Self-Eating Expression hereabouts?]

I am free to be unfree. To be Liberated is to be freed of trying to be free. [As must be evident, ‘Liberation’ [Mukthi, Moksha] unlike the expression ‘Freedom’ has an intentional connotation of release.]

And Liberation cohabits with no one. You cannot seek ‘Happiness’ and ‘Liberation’ at the same time [in spite of Thomas Jefferson’s silver prose].

‘Happiness’ is a particularly dotty chase, its invariant requirement being that the assured way to miss it is to explicitly seek it. Take your happiness when it comes; but don’t compromise on your freedom to be unhappy.

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