Absurdity And The ‘The-Not’

Absurdity: ‘From Surdus-Deaf, Insensible, Untrue, Ridiculously inconsistent with Reason, Logically Contradictory, Foolish, Irrational, Preposterous.’

Absurdity in all its layers encases Shūnyam. And each layer needs to be peeled away with pincers.

And the source? It’s always the same. Self-Reference, being asleep to the Self-Loop, getting lost in its entrails.

All pointers that orient in the direction of the Symbol are unabashedly, in-your-face absurd.

If the Symbol beckons, you begin by cultivating a high-tolerance for all things foolish, an appreciation for sheer nonsense, an acquired facility with the flagrantly absurd.

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