Heidegger: ‘The Essence Of Truth…’


For Martin Heidegger, Truth has not to do with logical propositions but rather:

The essence of Truth is Freedom and the essence of Freedom …is the resolutely open bearing that does not close up on itself…

Philosophical Thinking’ is the stern and resolute openness that does not disrupt the concealing but entreats its open essence
into the open regions of the
understanding and thus into its own Truth.’

Heidegger is articulating what is the template of Formal Meditation Practice. He himself was not familiar with it, its centrality, until late in his career when he was done with his books.

Meditation is where it begins and goes back for regular recall but the bulk of the process is everyday experiential, the nuts and bolts of doing the dishes while maintaining a ‘stern and resolute openness’.

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