Aristotle’s ‘God’

Aristotle [384-322 B.C.] National Museum, Athens

Aristotle is the pioneering formulator of precise, cogent, hugely influential models of reality [they lasted well past Copernicus; Immanuel Kant begins with him].

But oddly enough, Aristotle installed a very strange fellow, an indecipherable creature in-fact, in the sanctum-sanctorum of his scrupulous, logically precise modeled world.

From Aristotle’s Metaphysics:

There is therefore also an Unmoved-Mover, being eternal, primary and in act..the first mover is a necessary Being..and is thus a first principle, for there is always a mover of things moved, and the first mover is itself unmoved.’

Aristotle’s celebrated ‘Unmoved-Mover’. A paradigmatic Self-Eating Expression. Aristotle’s ‘God’.

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