The Empty CLass

The Empty [‘Null’] Class of Classical Logic is the sole depository, the designated dumping-ground for all things absurd. It is the ugly-duckling, the black-sheep, the squint-eyed baby Mama tries to hide from the neighbors.

For the Logician such absurd expressions do not apply to the ‘Real World’. The abstracted, doubled, referential world where logical operators are designed to function. There really are no such things.

If you say ‘Round Squares’, it gets put in the Null Class. If you say ‘All Words are Meaningless’-itself in words, it gets put in the Null Class.

And if you say, ‘I don’t exist!’ it gets put in the Null Class. And a Doctor is called to the house to check your mental stability.

Aristotle’s celebrated ‘Unmoved-Mover’ [See the Post]. The irony is rich and to be savored slowly.

The ‘Unmoved-Mover‘ of Aristotelian Model is a resident in the Null Class of Classical Logic, the repository of all absurd illogical expressions and of which Aristotle is the founding father. He would have chuckled.

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