How to Grade Theater

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton
Edward Albee’s: Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Real Theater should make you squirm till your bottom turns red

‘‘This’ or ‘Not-This’’ is a low level of Understanding. Human or Divine; Good or Bad; True or False; Free-Will or Fate; Wave or Particle.

Low grade theater and simple, unambiguous characters.

‘‘This’ and ‘Not-This’’ is the next stage. God and Man; Male and Female; Courageous and Cowardly; Position and Motion.

Good Theater with richer, complex characters.

Finally, ‘‘Neither ‘This’ nor ‘Not-This’’. Neither Heaven nor Hell; Neither True nor False; Neither Now nor Then; Neither Here nor There; Neither Orderly nor Random.

Great Theater.

Above that, ‘The-Not’.

Oop! Did I say ‘ Above?’ Then I may not forget the ‘Below’. And of course: ‘Neither Above nor Below’…

Go on. Add your own. And see where it leads: ‘Transcendent and Immanent; Sacred and Profane; Independent and Dependent; Free-Will and Fate…

The tetralemma layout is the original Chatushkoti [Snsk].

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