Sufi Islam: Fana Al Fana

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The Abrahamic Mainstream didn’t take kindly to their parallel Mystical Schools.

They were mocked, lied-about, assaulted. About the same as what the Mainstream did to earlier resident Pagan traditions from Arabia to Europe.

The Mystical Parallels had ventured deep and were proposing an entire new vocabulary. Subversive stuff that needed strong action.

[Recall that the cultivation of Meditation Practice was largely in the Mystical and Monastic Traditions of the Abrahamic Faiths.]

Pivotal expressions like the Jewish Aleph and the Islamic Fana originate here. Principally, the Qabballah of the Jews; the Taṣawwuf [Sufism] of the Muslims; the Gnostic Texts of Christianity.

Of them it was the Sufi Tradition that had the longest association with Bharath although new research suggests an even earlier link with Christian Gnostic Literature [Nag Hammadi].

The final stage of practice in high Sufism is termed Fana al-Fana, the ‘Annihilation of Annihilation itself’.

A Self-Negating Expression, naturally, necessarily.

Nowadays Sufism, like the mystical Jewish Kabbalah, and the parallel Hindu Bhakthi Tradition, avoids confronting the Self-Loop, settling instead to a praise of God, Goodwill and Universal Love.

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