Courtesy: Shyam Narayan. Minimalist Lingam contained within a Circle

This Site began as a collection of old Posts picked-up from my file-boxes and prettied-up.

Scripts I wrote when I was more earnest, eager to convince. The Covid-19 lock-down lit a renewed enthusiasm to tell the tale.

The early material on this Site is mostly from my book [Print, 2003] and my original files [1999-2014], notes written at various times and for varied purposes.

This extends and completes the tale. Is there a better platform than a website to tell an interminable story?

‘To elaborate is no avail’ writes Walt Whitman above, ‘Learned and unlearned feel that is so’. I have chosen to ignore the wise bard’s advice once again.

Praṇāmam, a deep gasshō, to every fearless hunter who follows ‘The Great Doubt’ wherever it may lead.

Stalks the Bear to its Lair. And stares it in the Eye.

S. R. Aiyer

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